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Why choose Janet Johnstone?

Before training in nutrition, I worked extensively in the food industry on commercial brand development and production. It was this experience that led me to explore the impact of diet on health and the development of disease, as well as other lifestyle factors. Since completing my nutrition training I have worked successfully with hundreds of clients with a broad range of health problems. The focus of my work involves identifying good food combinations to suit each individual client, working towards achieving their optimum health and ongoing well-being. My extensive food knowledge enables me to create individually designed, easy to follow meal plans which include foods you enjoy eating and will help achieve your health goals. I regularly attend nutrition seminars and keep up to date with advances in the scientific study of nutrition and its application to individuals. Using targeted nutrition, my approach can achieve excellent short and long-term results.

Latest News

Top Tips for Coping with Menopause
Menopause is a stage in the life of every woman that can’t be ignored or avoided. Menopause and the symptoms associated with it are different for each woman. For some it just passes without incident and for others it is a difficult and ongoing challenge involving a series of debilitating symptoms that effect their daily lives. The fluctuations in oestrogen levels before and during menopause can cause symptoms such as tiredness, hot flushes, poor and interrupted sleep, headaches, night...
Beat The Sneezes- Keep Hay Fever at Bay
For most of us, the arrival of summer means spending more time outdoors and enjoying the countryside. For hay fever sufferers it hails a nightmare of endless sneezing, runny noses and watery, itchy eyes. The NHS currently estimates that more than 10 million individuals in the UK are affected by hay fever symptoms each year.  These mechanisms are your body’s way of trying to rid itself of something it doesn’t like! The allergic reaction to pollen grain is what causes hay fever...
Make 2019 the Year You Make Intelligent Food Choices
With a never-ending range of gloomy statistics in the media about weight and health related issues it seems obvious that many of us need to examine our current eating habits. When better to do this than at the beginning of a New Year!  Make 2019 that year! This is not an article about a calorie reduction diet – more to do with over-eating and the size of plate or bowl you use to eat from! For some of us “overeating” goes back to our childhood when we were told to &ldquo...

Take Action Now!

Without the nutrients your body needs your metabolic processes suffer and your mental and physical health declines.

Discover your Optimum Nutrition

A nutrition analysis will show the foods you need to optimise your health and vitality. A personalised programme is the best way to achieve your health goals and wellbeing.

Understand Balance and Synergy

The correct balance of nutrients is vital in supporting and enhancing all our body functions. An imbalance can negatively impact physical and mental health.

Improve your Gut Health

Learn how to optimise your digestion and absorption of precious nutrients.

Meal Planning

Save precious time and money. Ensure you have the ingredients you need. Let me design a meal plan for you!

Fitness and Performance

Peak performance is achieved by combining the right foods and fitness programme for your individual lifestyle.

Smart Eating

Diet is a significant factor in poor mental health and other conditions affecting the brain. Learn about Smart Foods for You!
How much will a consultation cost?
Typically, my one to one clients visit me 3 times. The first consultation takes between 60 and 90 minutes, with one to two follow up consultations of approximately 30 minutes each.
I may recommend supplements or certain tests with a private laboratory, and these would be additional costs which you may wish to consider. They are, of course, optional.
Charge for first consultation is £110
Follow up consultation is £45
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